Quartz by Geser Warranty 10 years

Logotipo de Quartz by Geser Warranty 10 years

GESER & QUARTZ guaranteed for 10 years to the registered owner of the product Quartz by Geser countertops, against manufacturing defects affecting the materials used in the manufacturing process of the countertop replacing or repairing the defective material used.

The territorial scope of this warranty is Spain.


  • The warranty is valid for 10 years from the date of purchase, so you need to keep the original invoice to make use of this warranty. To activate the warranty, you must register the same, within 30 days after installation.
  • GESER & QUARTZ guaranteed for the period of 10 years to replace the defective product under the terms and conditions set out here, with the same features as the product purchased by the customer. GESER & QUARTZ reserves the right to replace the defective material in the event that at the time of the claim the product is discontinued.
  • This warranty covers quartz countertops installed in private homes. The warranty does not cover if the material is placed on floor, wall or like this, as well as uses in commercial areas.
  • This warranty applies to material that has been used and maintained in accordance with the standards of maintenance and upkeep, and following the appropriate cautions that we indicate.
  • GESER & QUARTZ charge is not as cut and installation of the material, as well as cost arising from other repairs, plumbing, electrical, etc...
  • This warranty is excluded in the following cases:
    • Defects arising from improper finishing/ production of the product, as a result of improper installation or any other alteration or handling caused by third parties ( editors and/or installers ).
    • Products installed outdoors, damage from misuse, exposure to excessive heat, exposure to weather conditions or exposure to ultraviolet light.
    • Damage caused by improper care and maintenance, regardless of the precautions and recommendations, or the rules of maintenance and upkeep.
    • Exposure to physical overexertion or improper use of chemicals.
    • Natural disasters or caused by atmospheric phenomena, vandalism, accidents, damage by the interaction of other products or any other cause beyond control.


Because of its low porosity, our product Quartz by Geser, is more resistant to stains and maintenance is easy and cheap.

Regular cleaning: For daily cleaning you can use any product with neutral pH and rub with a cloth and rinse. We also have a specific product for this type of surfaces, POWER CLEAN, this product is suitable for use in quartz countertops.

Stubborn stains:

Grease: Use less aggressive pads ( Hobs ) with pH neutral soap. If you use our product, POWER CLEAN, pour over the treatment area, keep for a few minutes and then in a circular motion, rinsing with plenty of clean water. NEVER USE PRODUCTS DEGREASERS.

Cal stains: Pour vinegar over the stain and keep for 1 minute. Rinse with water, if you use the product POWER CLEAN, pour the product extending from the surface to be treated for 1 minute, the rub in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly with water.

Silicone stains: Apply over the area to clear out some universal solvent (ethanol, acetate) rub with sponge and gently scrape with a razor blade to avoid scratching the surface.  


Quartz by Geser is a heat-resistant product, however, should not be placed on the countertop items that have been recently removed from the fire, which could cause damage.

Do not use chemicals pH above 10 or chlorine-based, caustics soda, degreasing. Never use products containing hydrofluoric acid or dichloromethane.

Do not use repellents or sealants to enhance the shine.

If you use bleach or solvent, rinses with plenty of water while the product in contact for a long time.

For proper care, avoid cutting on the surface or use knives, utensils or tipped tools.


Once the countertop is installed in your home, you can register on our website , www.geserpiedranatural.com , by filling in the requested data (REGISTRATION FORM)


If you think there is a product defect QUARTZ by GESER and want to make a claim under this warranty, you must notify by fax, email and/or letter, attaching a copy of the warranty stamped and numbered as well as the bill purchase to Customer Service of GESER & QUARTZ s.l