Interior Design

  • Places for your life style , for your business center. Harmony for confort solutions for your home or business.
  • In interior projects our products are an excellent complement and finished work.
  • Its applications can be very varied in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, half-height walls, indoor gardens, ground and finishes we offer products ranging from soft nuanced to retain properties textured natural stone.

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Our natural stone is an ideal material for these applications because of its stability and strength characteristics provides an excellent combination of innovative designs , quality , aesthetics, price and durability.

For outdoor areas or landscaping and architectural projects have a variety of materials, products and finishes that can be applied on wall , facades , fences , gardens , terraces , parks , swimming pools... etc.

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Buildings and Facades

  • We have knowledge into competitive products of manufacturing engineering.
  • Works and architectural projects , as well as knowledge of the physic-mechanical and physic-chemical properties of the rock material, the main tool for prescribers and users when gauge and predict the behavior of the stone in a work without forget the existing regulations and applicable of this material both in reception and in its use in construction, all by professionals.

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